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Bones crítiques del conte when you were in my tummy!

Customer reviews

  1. Beautiful bedtime reading 

    Posted by Alyson Wills on 5th Jun 2013
    I have been reading this book to my 4 year old boy and we both absolutely love it! The pictures are just superb with so much detail and although we have now read it a lot we still manage to find something new. The book tells the story of ‘When you were in my tummy’, and goes through finding out you are pregnant, some of the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy. It handles the process of ‘making babies’ really well, and has a beautiful ending showing the baby as a little boy and the love between parents and child.
    The book has been fantastic and was a lovely way to reminisce about my little boy coming into the world. It has been great also at prompting lots of questions and curiosity from him. We plan to get out his scan pictures and show him sometime soon too. 
    I imagine the book would be great for a soon to big brother or sister to explain some of the things that may happen during the pregnancy.
    A unique and special book that is perfect for snuggly bedtime reading and always puts a smile on my face every time we read it together!

  2. Sweet and Educational 

    Posted by Eleonora Lawson on 28th May 2013
    I love to read this story book. It's so sweet, while communicating important values and the end of the story is so empowering!!!
    I also enjoy the unique and different design as well as the colors throughout the pages. The small details in design in each page gives space to expand on the text and personalize the story telling. I can easily read it every night.
    Si voleu, podeu anar a Pinter and Martin.

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