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Bones crítiques del conte "Your Daddy and me"!

Customer reviews

  1. Another beautiful book by Monica Calaf 

    Posted by Alyson on 15th Jun 2013
    My 4 year old son and I really enjoyed reading this book together. Its so beautifully illustrated with so much detail in ever image that there's something new to pick out every time. The story is quite traditional and follows the story of meeting daddy, falling in love, moving in together and deciding to have a baby. It didnt fit exactly with our story as the couple in the book live with their parents before they get together, but I felt that this opened the opportunity to talk about all the different ways people end up together and starting a family. A lovely book for a mother to read with her children - would recommend.

  2. Lovely book to explain about mummy & daddy 

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2013
    My daughter and I love reading this book together. It is a lovely story about how the couple met and the things they did while dating and goes on to explain that they wanted to share their love to make a baby. My two year old enjoys the pictures, they are very different from other books and she can easily identify the different characters and them kissing etc.
    Si voleu, podeu anar a Pinter and Martin.

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